New INet offers full photo directory and pay stubs

Starting next week Wartburg College will have a new INet for students, faculty and staff to use.

The new INet, now being called Intranet, has been in progress for years. Ever since INet was started, Wartburg knew they wanted to have a more robust Internet that was for internal use among students, faculty and staff, Edie Waldstein, vice president for enrollment management, said.

“It will really be designed more for operations of the college to serve students better internally,” Waldstein said.

The new Intranet will include a photo directory of all students, faculty and staff and eventually students will be able to view their pay stubs online, Waldstein said.

“The technical side of making it is ITS and the policy side is the president’s cabinet,” Waldstein said.

One of the reasons Wartburg has decided to start making a new Intranet is because they wanted to better serve students and to have it readily accessible, Waldstein said.

“We really believe that it will be intuitive for students to use,” Waldstein said.

An advantage of the Intranet is that it will be efficient and effective in helping students in everything they do from within the classroom to outside the classroom, Waldstein said.

“I am a little worried about having everyone being able to see my information but if there are options to hide some information I would feel more comfortable,” Katie Canney said.

A potential disadvantage with having more information available is that there could be a problem with security of student’s information, Waldstein said.

“When you make more information accessible and more readily accessible you want to do that in a careful and thoughtful way,” Waldstein said.

Wartburg has been one of the later schools to add a photo directory because Wartburg will always protect student’s information, Waldstein said.

“You want to make more information available so we can do our jobs better in educating and serving students,” she said.

If students want information shown online they have the option of changing it. That information includes home phone number, home address, if you have a spouse and their name and cell phone, Waldstein said.

“I think that having the new photo directory online and students being able to receive their pay check stubs will be really useful for everyone,” Canney said.

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