New partners form retreat

— Mauricio Gutierrez/TRUMPET
— Mauricio Gutierrez/TRUMPET

Students looking to explore their interests and vocation, as well as relax and have fun, are invited to attend the Exploring Me retreat hosted by Pathways, in partnership with Spiritual Life.

“The opportunity to be able to take some time apart and think about something that’s important to your life, whether it is what you’re going to do post-college or a day-to-day thing right now, is so important, but we can’t do it in ten minute segments,” Rev. Dr. Ramona Bouzard, dean of the Chapel, said.

Bouzard and TJ Warren, associate for vocation and mentoring, will lead the retreat, with student assistance from Peer Helpers.

These students have been trained in communication, listening and pastoral care, Bouzard said.

The retreat is a new event for the partnership between Pathways and Spiritual Life.

The majority of the retreat will be centered on listening and supporting one another, while getting away from campus, Warren said.

“The biggest thing is reflection circles. Students will have the opportunity to share and think through some things that are on their mind,” Warren said. “We are in a society that is so fast-paced and go, go, go all the time, that we don’t take the time to intentionally reflect, and this concept of vocation and calling is something that needs that.”

Bouzard and campus ministry engaged in listening circles last May Term in place of the Way of Jesus. In these circles, one participant spoke for half an hour and the rest of the group members were only allowed to ask clarifying questions, Bouzard said.

This was part of the motivation to create the Exploring Me retreat.

“We play this interesting dichotomy with spiritual life and career, and that’s the point of vocation,” Warren said. “What’s your purpose? What’s your calling? What are you called to do as a career?”

Vocation is part of Wartburg’s strategic plan, Warren said. He sees a future for the two groups to work together. This is the first retreat Pathways and Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry have hosted together.

The retreat will be at Camp Ewalu, located in Strawberry Point on Nov. 21 and 22. Transportation to the retreat is provided and the event is free for students to attend.
Students interested in registering for the retreat can visit the Wartburg website. Registration is due Nov. 19.

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