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New press box being installed at soccer field

Construction began last week on a press box at the soccer field, which currently does not have one.

Both head soccer coaches, Tiffany Pins and Kirk Artist, are excited about the opportunities that having a press box gives them.

“We webcast a lot of our games online and having the press box will make our webcasts better,” Pins said.

“The soccer teams also do webcasts of their games that are popular among parents of the players and alumni,” she said. “It will make it a lot easier for us to get stats during the game.”

Men’s soccer head coach Kirk Artist said that the press box will allow for Wartburg to showcase soccer in a much better way.

He said that the better video will help with recruiting players. Artist said that adding a press box to the field adds to the aesthetics of the field.

“The school has given a lot to the field in the last ten years,” Artist said.

He said that Wartburg already has one of the best fields in the Iowa Conference and adding a press box to the field only makes it better.

Artist said that the press box will allow for easier broadcasting from campus media like KWAR and Wartburg Television.

Athletic director Rick Willis said that they do not currently have an estimate as to what the cost will be or a completion date for construction.

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