New students: take a tour of Waverly’s local businesses

Explore Waverly-duos
This year's incoming students have the opportunity to explore local businesses. Emily Novotny/Trumpet

During Orange Exceleration Week first-year students get to take a tour of Waverly.

“I’m from out of state, and doing a tour of the place where I planned on staying for nine months out of the year was beneficial to getting to see what Waverly had to offer,” Alexander Valentine, said

While Wartburg has its own coffee shop on campus, there is another place for students to get their caffeine fix.

Duos Coffee and Ice Cream serves some of the same things that the Konditorei has to offer, but duos has things the K-Dit does not. While the Konditorei offers more snacks and sandwiches, this local coffee shop has full soft and hard serve ice cream. Workers at duos also like to experiment with their coffee and ice cream.

“I can take a hard serve shake and add a couple shots of espresso to it which is excellent,” Jay Baker, duos employee, said.

There are also some local thrift shops in town. While Goodwill is a bigger name thrift store, Waverly is also home to Half Off Stuff and Trinkets and Togs.

Trinkets and Togs is a close shopping stop for students. Lori Shepherd, store supervisor, said once students check out Trinkets and Togs they will love it.

“We have had customers say it is like the Mall of America in Waverly because literally anything you could think of and everything you wouldn’t even think of we have,” said Jessica Gulick, vocational program manager.

Trinkets and Togs also provides services to people with disabilities. When shopping at Trinkets and Togs, customers are helping support the programs that help serve people in the community.

If students are looking for a break from campus food, check out some of the local restaurants like The Fainting Goat and East Bremer Diner. When the weekend hits, students  can go out to Joe’s or The Fainting Goat. They can also see a movie at The Palace Theatre or go bowling at Waverly Bowl Inn.

If the weather is less than ideal for taking a walk down to the Nestle factory, first-year students can make a quick trip to Family Video.

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