New studio lights save energy

New lights will save energy
Wartburg broadcast engineer Jim Ohmstede looks at new McElroy TV Studio lights. — Emily Novotny

New lights were installed in the McElroy TV Studio this past summer that will result in energy savings.

“Any time you remove 12,000 watts and replace it with ten percent of that it’s going to make a difference,” Jim Ohmstede, Wartburg broadcast engineer, said.

Thirty-two LED light fixtures were installed on August 27 and 28.

Workers removed 12,500 watts and the total number of watts that was put back in with the LED lights was 2,462 watts, Ohmstede said.

“An interesting thing I ran across was the fluorescent work lights in there [the studio] the wattage on those is 1,280,” Ohmstede said. “We don’t use the work lights when we have the news lights on so we are actually using less energy when the news lights are on then when the work lights are on.”

Ohmstede said John Wuertz, director of the physical plant, called Waverly Light and Power to look at the lights because of the energy they will be saving. He said the college will receive a rebate for the lights, however he does not know how much it will be for yet.

The new studio lights save energy for the college and will also provide a learning experience for the students.

“What that really means for us in communication arts is that we now have fixtures that are typical in the industry,” Ohmstede said. “The students will have the opportunity to work with these fixtures and learn the features of them.”

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