New vintage store has made its way into Waverly

Customers shopping at Renewed Purpose
The new store is located at 104 East Bremer Avenue downtown-Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

A new store is calling Waverly home.

Renewed Purpose opened its doors on Oct. 1, but the idea for this store was thought of before that.

“The idea came about in May,” Ann Seggerman, owner, said. “It’s because the building became for sale and I just fell in love with it.”

Seggerman, who is an estate liquidator, said the idea behind the store is to “pull things out of the attic and get it out into someone else’s home.”

This new store is not open for donations like Goodwill or other second-hand stores in town. Items sold at Renewed Purpose are found by Seggerman, she said.

Seggerman is selective about what items she puts in her store, she said.

“It has to be good enough and interesting, and some of it is raw inventory so I’m not creative enough to do much with it myself,” Seggerman said. “I want someone else to come in and say ‘oh my gosh, I can stencil this or paint this and it’s going to go great on my porch.”

Inventory in the store is seasonal, Seggerman said. She also said that her target audience includes students, so she thinks about what they may want year round.

“We want to target Wartburg students as well so if you are having a ’80s party or you need an ugly sweater, we’re planning on having an ugly sweater inventory,” Seggerman said.

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Seggerman has a student at Wartburg, and she uses this to know what things to stock in her store that will appeal to students, she said.

“I kind of use her to know what she is into and I keep that in mind all year,” Seggerman said. “If I find an ugly sweater in June I am going to grab it and it is going to come out in November.”

Renewed Purpose is located on Bremer Ave. and hours can be found online and on its Facebook page.

“It is practical stuff that anybody can afford. We are avoiding the high end antiques so people walk in like ‘wow, this stuff is cool and it fits into my budget,” Seggerman said.


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