New website is more acessible for Wartburg students and faculty

New Wartburg Website
Wartburg students explore the new website. It was created this summer and is easier for people to navigate. — Emily Novotny

Wartburg’s new website has created quite a buzz around campus. Planning for this redesign started a year ago and the launch took place over the summer months.

“We didn’t feel we could wait another year,” Chris Knudson, director of creative strategy, said.

“The expectations and demands of the audiences we serve needed the redesign; we need to be more adapting as expectations and technology are changing.”

Refreshing the look, making it more relevant to the style people are living in and making it easier for people to navigate were the main reasons for this website redesign, Graham Garner, associate vice president of Marketing and Communication, said.

Knudson and his team spent numerous hours this summer finalizing the design. It was a project that took a lot of hard work from students as well, Garner said.

Students Michael Merritt, Tommy Mirocha and Bishan Pandey were all involved with the Web redesign project, along with a Web review committee made up of different faculty and staff members across campus.

“We all worked together when we were coming up with ideas for what we wanted the website to have,” Mirocha said.

Knudson said he has been overseeing the website in some capacity for over eight years.

“I have been very fortunate to work with the students involved. They know what they are doing and they inspire me,” Knudson said.

Typically, redesigns happen every four years. Knudson said the demand for mobile accessibility was what helped them change their minds.

Strategic planning also goes along with the ever changing world of technology and figuring out ways to reach people through technology can be very challenging.

“We wanted something that was more user friendly, so we had to think of ways to incorporate that so it could be user friendly on smaller devices like mobile phones,” Mirocha said.

Social media was what quickly created the buzz about the website’s redesign. Garner and Knudson said they have had a few bumps in the road, but the overall feedback has been positive.

“We try to balance out the feedback and where we are able to accommodate, we’ve done it,” Garner said.

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