No shower campaign raises awareness

Wartburg students and Waverly community members participate in the CROP walk that raises money and awareness for global and local hunger. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Manna will be hosting a No Shower Campaign again this year to raise money for the Wartburg-Waverly CROP Walk.

The CROP Walk was held Sunday afternoon. Wartburg students and members of the Waverly community gathered at “The W” to walk for about two miles. The event is intended to raise money and awareness of global and local hunger. All funds go to the Christian Rural Overseas Program, that funds humanitarian efforts internationally.

This year will be the sixth year of the No Shower Campaign, Ellie Schwarz, the president of Manna said. The campaign began Nov. 11 and lasts until Friday, Nov. 16.

“The story I was told was that someone just decided that they weren’t going to shower and see how much money they could raise and then it kind of spanned from that,” she said.

Any student at Wartburg is invited to participate. Members of the No Shower Campaign are asked to raise a minimum of $15 during St. Elizabeth’s Week. Most set a goal around $20, Schwarz said, and they can usually raise that in a few days. After the participant has met their goal, they can shower, she said.

Participants carry around a jar for donations, which brings up many questions, Schwarz said.

“Other students may think it is weird, but it gets their attention. I really like the No Shower Campaign because it gets me out of my comfort zone and I can take more ownership of what I care about,” Schwarz said.

Clara Davidson will be participating in her fourth No Shower Campaign this year. She said she enjoys the unique way to raise money.

“I like that we have fun going against the norm. It’s an excuse to not shower everyday and it’s for a good cause,” Davidson said.

Both Schwarz and Davidson agreed it was not difficult to raise money. Schwarz said her mother thought it was disgusting, but has accepted the idea this year.

“You get most donations from people that have to be around you. After a few days they start to feel bad,” Davidson said.

Kristina Mark, Schwarz’s roommate last year, did not participate in the campaign. Mark was not bothered last year because Schwarz was able to raise the money quickly.

“It is something she wants to do and that she really believes in, but I can’t do it. Mainly because of the disgusting feeling I get when I don’t shower. But I do other things to help,” Mark said.

The money raised from the campaign will be donated to the 2012 CROP Walk. Last year, the CROP Walk raised about $800, Schwarz said. Twenty-five percent of the total funds will be donated to the Waverly food pantry and the remaining 75 percent goes to international causes, Schwarz said.

The international funds are donated to Self-Help International, which focuses on getting loans for women’s business, supporting preschool children and the quality protein maize movement.

Davidson said she most enjoyed the connections she made with other participants.

“It is fun to have that team of non-showerers sharing the experience with you,” Davidson said.

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