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Outfly tradition coming to an end

Wolf Creek Tattoos will not longer offer tattoos to Wartburg students on Outfly, but will still give out coupons that can be used for a tattoo on a later date. -Kendall Erenberger/TRUMPET

Wolf Creek Tattoos will not be offering tattoos to students on Outfly. They will instead be offering coupons for them to come back later.

The coupons will still be for 10 percent off, and they will still be doing their Outfly drawing for their giveaway.

Prizes may include sweatshirts, T-shirts, gift certificates and a coloring book published by the owner.

Monte Snyder is the owner of Wolf Creek Tattoos, and is also a tattoo artist in the shop. He started offering tattoos on Outfly nine years ago.

“It was a rebel thing,” Snyder said. “They were getting piercings and stuff. We were closer and available. We really just jumped into it.”

There are many reasons that Wolf Creek Tattoos is moving to the coupon system.

The first is since no one knows when Outfly is, it is hard to schedule appointments for their non-student customers.

Their customers have scheduled appointments up to two months in advance, so it is not fair for them to be rescheduled, Snyder said.

Another reason is that students would be waiting in line for hours to get a tattoo, and they miss all the events happening on campus.

The artists also do not want students to feel rushed into their tattoo.

“The coupons are a lot better,” Snyder said. “You can put more thought behind it and not be rushed into doing it that day.”

Snyder also tried to reach out to the student body president to try to get a warning of when Outfly would be, but did not receive a response.

He said if they did know beforehand when it would take place, he would consider offering them again on Outfly.

“If they ever come up with a solid day, I think that they could expand it to a lot of businesses that would just be elated to help out, keep them in town and have a really good time,” Snyder said.

“Especially the restaurants and pizza places,” he said.

Students have mixed reactions to Wolf Creek Tattoo not offering tattoos on Outfly.

Senior Lindsay Tufts got tattoos on Outfly both her freshman and junior year, and thinks it is a good idea that they are switching to a coupon system.

“I know that they have to cancel all of their existing appointments on the day of Outfly,” Tufts said. “For people, maybe that’s the only day that can get it done, and they have to reschedule for another time. I think it’s actually a really good idea because then they know who’s coming in and when.”

Other students said it takes away from the experience.

Senior Cassie Smith got a tattoo on Outfly her junior year. Because Outfly is such a unique experience, the fact the town gets involved as well is supportive and fun, Smith said.

“I think it does take away from the tradition because you can get a tattoo any other day, you can find coupons online,” Smith said.

“It’s nice that they still are offering that as a way of including it, but it’s not the same.”

Wolf Creek Tattoos will start handing out the coupons as soon as they hear that it is Outfly, which will probably start around 8 a.m.

There are around 150 coupons and 100 spots for the drawing, and they are available while supplies last.

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