Participants needed for academic study

Wartburg student Daniel Da Costa is looking for students willing to participate in his study ‘Parenting Styles and Academic Achievement.’

The study looks at the relationship between the way children are raised and their future success in college. Da Costa said he is looking primarily for sophomores, juniors and seniors, but everyone is welcome to participate in the study.

“I am looking at GPA as academic achievement and freshmen don’t have a GPA yet, but if you are a freshmen you can still participate. We can still look at which parenting style you prefer and if you are either male or female,” Da Costa said.

Students who are interested in participating in the study would have to go through the Wartburg Sona system online, and would have to make sure they take the surveys.

“You won’t be done if you just sign up on the Sona system, you have to take the surveys that are inside. We have had some issues with that,” Da Costa said.

They will also have to be willing to spend 15 to 20 minutes taking the survey and also share their GPA’s, but the survey is completely anonymous.

Da Costa said he picked the topic of parenting styles and academic achievement because he plans to pursue a master’s degree in social work and concentrate on family issues.

“I think parenting styles is a big topic in the family area that we study in psychology,” Da Costa said.

Da Costa also wants to study developmental psychology as well.

“When you are studying children, you have to know what parenting style they have and how that affects their social environment, how it affects their academic environment,” Da Costa said. “That’s why I am really interested and really looking to learn something about parenting styles and academic success.”

The best way to reach out to Da Costa is through his email. Any students who may have more questions about the study can email Da Costa at or his adviser, Professor Shaheen Munir, at

“We would really appreciate it, my adviser and I, if you could participate and give us some data that we can use to maybe help others,” Da Costa said.

The deadline for the study is Friday and the link for the Sona systems main page can be found at

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