Pastor Ramona: teaching, preaching, and healing

Since her arrival, Pastor Ramona Bouzard has been a staple of the Wartburg College community.  She does it all: serving as Dean of the Chapel, teaching classes such as Living with Death, doing administrative duties like helping with the annual Graven Award, and, of course, serving as one of Wartburg’s two campus pastors.

Pastor Ramona arrived in Waverly when her husband, religion professor Dr. Chip Bouzard, landed his job here after getting his PhD in 1996.  Ramona said she didn’t initially see a place for her at the school after the move.

“I thought I would work at McDonald’s,” she said.

The position opened up soon enough, though, so that possibility never came up.  Since then, Pastor Ramona has been helping students and sharing her faith with the Wartburg Community.  She says that, among all of her other duties, her relationships with students are what make her job the most worthwhile.

“In terms of the energy that I get from the work that I do, it would be from the students,” she said.  “Hearing their questions, having theological conversations with them, learning about their lives, doing accompaniment, counseling, spiritual direction, talk about vocation.  That’s what juices me for the job.”

And students can easily feel the same way about her.  Sierra Mastin, a first-year religion major, said Pastor Ramona was one of the first people she met after coming to campus, and that she played a big role in getting her accustomed to college.

“She introduced herself right away and instantly asked I could have coffee with her,” Mastin said.  “She just instantly wanted to be a part of my life.  It was really easy to get acquainted to college when I had such a supportive person wanting to help me and wanting to talk to me,”

If you ever need any help, Pastor Ramona will always be willing.  Her office, as well as Pastor Brian’s, are in the Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry offices, which are located off of the skywalk by the chapel.

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