Pursuing education after graduation

Many seniors on campus are starting to solidify their plans for after graduation. For some, that involves more school.

Blaine Woodson plans on attending Drake Law School this fall for their three-year program. Before he could apply, he first had to take the Law School Admissions test.

Even though he has not always known he wanted to go to law school, last May he decided it would be a good fit.

“It will be a good way to further my passion for advocacy work,” he said.

Dr. Stephanie Toering-Peters, a biology professor and adviser, said applying for graduate and medical schools can be stressful. Many graduate and medical schools require multiple interviews and applications to be accepted.

“It’s a huge weight off their shoulders after they get in,” she said.

Toering-Peters said many Wartburg students going on to medical school usually go to the University of Iowa or Des Moines University. She said on average about 12 students every year go to medical school

Another senior, Anna Latcham, is planning on attending graduate school to earn her masters in child life. Her goal is to become a child life specialist, someone who acts as a liaison between doctors and families.

They advocate for the child’s care and also make sure the child understands what is happening to them, Latcham explained. Child life specialists also help with the grieving process if it comes to that point.

Latcham has been accepted to several schools, but she is still deciding between Western Michigan, Iowa and Mizzou. A big part of earning her degree will be a 500-hour internship before she can take her exam to become a certified child life specialist.

“It feels really good to know I’ve made it to this point,” she said. “I’m really excited to start taking classes that apply to what I actually want to do.”

Before she could start applying for schools, she had to take the GRE. She said she started applying during the fall of this year.

While many med schools have common applications that make applying easier, Latcham said the applications for her program were all different, so it took a while to apply to each school separately.

Latcham said a lot of people have influenced her decision, but Dr. Larimer, her adviser, helped a lot by talking her through different options for her career. She was also inspired while she was in Denver over the summer.

“At Wartburg West I had really amazing supervisors at both of my internship placements. They were the people that really made me want to become a child life specialist,” she said.



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