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As graduation quickly approaches, Wartburg’s seniors are preparing to enter the real world with the help of campus programs like Grad Finale and Exit Counseling. Grad Finale was held last Thursday, and Exit Counseling is throughout Tuesday. These programs assist students with organizing their loan payment plans, assuring they have completed their major requirement, as well as making the transition.

“Every day for a college student is preparation for graduation,” Sheree Covert, Wartburg’s registrar and VA contact, said. “Mistakes can be avoided if students are aware of the tools available…”

This event is mandatory for all students borrowing federal student loans, and helps them manage their payments and take advantage of forgiveness programs.

“If you’ve been signing on the dotted line for four years… without keeping a running tally of your total balance, this is the perfect time to find out exactly how much you owe and what it looks like…,” Kim Diercks, a financial aid counselor/loan processor, said.

In order to brighten the mood at each event, prizes were available to attending students. At Exit Counseling, where students are assisted with organizing their loans and setting up monthly payments, Diercks said they could submit their name in a drawing for a chance to win $500 of loan repayment.

While these events are mandatory and can become tedious, Diercks encouraged students to pay close attention to the process and understand the benefits that come with completing them.

“It’s tempting to take a nap during the student loan exit session or to just breeze through it online…,” Diercks said. “But there are things worth staying awake to hear about.”

Diercks and Covert agreed these two events are vital for the student-to-graduate process and are mostly available in one-stop shots, making it easier on students with busy schedules.


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