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Recent graduates now coaching at Wartburg

Dan Stiefel is an assistant coach for the Wartburg football team this year after starting at quarterback  in 2011. —Shelby Granath/TRUMPET
Dan Stiefel is an assistant coach for the Wartburg football team this year after starting at quarterback in 2011. —Shelby Granath/TRUMPET

Recent Wartburg alumni Dan Stiefel, Paige Klostermann and Jon Stover are now coaching football, golf, and track and cross country, respectively.

Stiefel started at quarterback for the Knights last season and led them to an 8-2 record.

Stiefel said he spent the first part of the summer trying out for the Canadian Football League and Arena Football League teams. He received a call from Wartburg in July and his decision was made for him.

“I wasn’t going to play football forever, so I decided to start my coaching career,” said Stiefel, who is the wide receiver coach for the Knights. “There’s a lot more things to know about what the receivers do exactly. Obviously when I was a quarterback I knew where they were going to be.”

Stiefel said that instead of knowing where the receivers are, he has to teach them alignment stance, route running and how deep the routes go. He said that he will be working with the strength and conditioning program as well as continued route work with his wide receivers.

Stiefel said he will also be working with the strength and conditioning program.

Stiefel’s goals are to be able to answer any questions his players could have, to be a great leader on the field and to have his players trust him.

Stielfel said he enjoys being back at his alma mater and be ing the person on the other side of the whistle.

Paige Klostermann has been coaching youth volleyball for four years already.

She said it feels odd coaching golf instead of being coached.

“When I was playing I was worried about my game and my game only. Now I worry about the games of the five girls we put on varsity,” Klostermann said.

She said she enjoys seeing all the different styles of her players even though it’s a challenge to keep up with sometimes.

“I have to learn their styles and adapt to that, not everybody plays golf like I do.”

Klostermann said it’s odd not being able to golf with some of her friends that are still on the team since she is now a coach. She helps to plan tournaments during the offseason and help the girls continue to improve their golf game.

Paige Klostermann
Paige Klostermann

Klostermann said her goals for improvement are to eventually get her teaching license and teach golf as a PGA pro.

Jon Stover has been coaching at Wartburg since August of 2011 and has enjoyed his first year coaching cross country and track. Stover said that he loved the sport so much he just couldn’t give it up.

“I came in my senior year and wasn’t done with the sport so I decided to pursue coaching,” Stover said.

He looked around at other Division III schools, but didn’t like them as much as Wartburg. He said that head cross country coach Steve Johnson told him about a coaching position and told him to apply.

“It’s very different from being an athlete to becoming a coach,” Stover said.

Stover said that it’s interesting to see all the background things like finances and his favorite, washing uniforms.

He said that he tries to be a “player’s” coach. He wants his players to look at him as a friend and trust him.

He said his biggest goal for coaching is that he wants to be a positive force in his player’s lives.

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