Religion and philosophy has finally found their new office coordinator

After a year without an office coordinator, the religion department has finally hired someone to fill the position. This past week Pam Moss started her first week in both the religion and philosophy office and the Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry office.

Moss has worked as a nurse for the past 30 years and primarily in higher education. She was starting to find less joy in her job and decided it was time for a change.

“I really have a strong belief that the art and the science of nursing are the key elements of that profession and its really starting to look like a business instead. It’s been frustrating for me for a number of years now and I decided to take a step back and evaluate my profession and my future,” Moss said.

Moss said that when looking for a new job she was searching for something that could incorporate her faith.
When she came upon the Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry position she knew that it was exactly what she was looking for.

“I did my doctoral studies in self care in the nursing profession and I believe that self care belongs in any profession. I felt like using my faith and knowledge of self care, my knowledge of higher ed. were kind of a whole blend of things that brought me to this job,” Moss said.

Even though Moss has only worked for a week, she already enjoys her new job.

“I love it. I have great people to work with and great students and work study students and everybody has just been great.”


One of those great students that Moss has been able to work with is pre-med student Cassandra Smith who has filled in as office coordinator for the past year. While being a fourth year pre-med student and working a full time job has been stressful on Smith, she doesn’t regret filling in.

“It’s been a lot but I think it’s taught me even more about how to manage my time well and being able to go from role to role. I think it’s a maturity level that everyone has to reach eventually but I had an opportunity to do it now.”

Smith has worked in the office since her freshmen year at Wartburg as the assistant coordinator and is excited to go back to her original position.

“It feels like a vacation,” Smith said. “I think next semester once Pam gets everything figured out, which I have full confidence that she will very quickly, that I’ll get to step back a little bit.”

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