Remember your fortune this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving you will hopefully be amongst warm company and blessed with a bounty of food.

Somewhere between the spoonfuls of fluffy mashed potatoes and gulps of apple cider to wash them down, take a moment to fully appreciate your blessings.

We all too often become consumed by our First World “problems,” allowing them, in a sense, to invade our reasoning and make our issues feel much larger than they are.

By allowing our numerous blessings to elude our equation of happiness a level of ignorance has been reached. These blessings are a vital part in understanding our fortune.

On the other side of the coin is the face of misfortune. There are innumerable people in the world who don’t get to celebrate holidays in the warmth and joy of family, friends, and abundance. Some are fortunate enough to have a family but there is minimal or no food on the table.

A report published by endhomelessness.org showed on a single night in 2015, 564,708 people in the U.S. experienced homelessness in some form. Fortunately these numbers have decreased in the past years.

Thanksgiving comes at a good time, right before finals when students are the most stressed out and psychotic for the week leading up to finals.

The short break gives students the opportunity to take a moment to de-stress before the final push. When you’re hunched over your textbook cramming the night before and a tear of frustration wets your page, remember that you are fortunate enough to be receiving an education and that the tests and work are setting a foundation for your future.

You will be tired of school, but school gets over and life in “the real world” begins. Keep in mind that if you do not pave your path for success, your dislike for a job that you are not passionate about will be far worse than your current dissatisfaction with school.

So, this Thanksgiving eat, drink, and be merry. But I urge you to count your blessings and share what you can with those around you.

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