Security heightened after discovery of a fake parking sticker

Wartburg secrity is on the look out for more forged parking stickers after finding a fake one a two weeks ago. — Emily Novotny/ TRUMPET

A fake parking decal found on a car two weeks ago in N Lot has heightened Wartburg Security’s awareness of parking violations.

Security officers discovered a permit on one car that security officer Douglas Main said “didn’t look quite right.” Upon further investigation, the numbering system on the sticker was not found in the security department’s records.

“We were able to locate the owner after citing the vehicle,” Main said. “The owner was fined and was referred to the disciplinary process in the student code of conduct.”

The sticker was completely manufactured by the student. Main said the color and size of the font on the decal made the sticker very recognizable as false.

“It’s extremely rare for someone to do this and face the financial fine, but then on top of that, face the student code of conduct also,” Main said.

The fraudulent parking permit has led security officers to become more wary of parking violations though they have made changes to create more options for students.

N Lot has been expanded this year by removing the V Lot designation from the lot that borders the Waverly Manors near the football field. This was due to a number of students illegally parking in V Lot last year.

“N Lot seems to be a very hot topic this year,” Main said.  “There’s a large population of students that are right close to the N Lot.”

Main said that now the eastern N Lot is more in demand whereas in previous years, it was not as greatly sought after.

Unlike other schools, Wartburg does not sell more parking permits than their lots have space for.

“If there are 110 spaces for N Lot, there are 110 cars that fit there,” Main said.

Just the same, most of Wartburg’s students park in D Lot which is farthest away from campus. Angela Lau, who parks her car in D Lot, explained that she understands why students violate their parking privileges.

“I wish D Lot was paved because all the others are, and I know it’s a freshman one, so you kind of work yourself up, but we pay so much money we should at least have paved parking lots,” Lau said. “It’s also farther away than all the others.”

Lau said that she too has thought about parking in other lots closer to her dorm.

“I’ve been tempted but I didn’t, because I knew I’d get a ticket,” Lau said.

Main said those who park in D Lot are always welcome to request a ride back to their dorm if needed.

“People need to be reminded that for safety reasons, we will give a ride anytime,” Main said. “Just call our number and an officer will come pick you up.”

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