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Senior Spotlight: Curt Hruska

“He’s that kind of guy you wish everyone was,” said Wartburg wide receiver coach, Danny Stiefel.  “He’ll do anything you ask him to do, he’ll sell out at practice, he’s in watching film after practice and before practice…I mean, he’s just that all around guy.”

And that all around guy is number 22, Curt Hruska.  Throughout his time at Wartburg this wide receiver has turned into a leader on and off the field.

“I’m there for the guys, I’m there for the coaches.  I do what I’m asked to do,” said Hruska.

“He’s there for you,” said Coach Stiefel.  “Whenever you need him he’s jumping up.  At practice he sells out.  He’s that type of player you wish everybody was.”

Coach Stiefel adds that one of Curt’s best qualities is being a motivator.

“He’s always there picking people up,” stated Stiefel.  “He drops a ball, he won’t keep himself down, he’ll pick himself back up.”

Stiefel added that Hruska has been helping Wartburg’s new quarterback, Logan Schrader.

“If something goes wrong he’ll be next to him telling him ‘don’t worry, things will be alright.’  That’s what we really need out of him, he’s a good guy,” said Stiefel.

Hruska and Coach Stiefel have a connection that most coaches and players don’t have.  Last year Stiefel was the starting quarterback for the Knights, so throwing to Curt was one of his jobs.  This year Stiefel has changed roles and is now Hruska’s position coach.

“Bringing Danny back on staff,” said Hruska, “I think was a good move.  He has all the respect from the players, especially myself, as being a coach so we definitely respect him on that level.  And just being so fresh and right out of the game, he still knows stuff.  He compliments us and we compliment him very well I feel.”

Coach Stiefel added, “It’s a little different.  They look at me as a different person now.  They can’t look at me as that friend they are going to talk to all the time, but he respects me, I really like that.”

Curt Hruska runs the ball against Carthage on 9-15-12

Watching him play, it is clear that Curt is a hard worker and he brings a lot to the orange and black team.

“One of my biggest fears is failure, so I try not to fail in any aspects of route running or blocking,” said Hruska.

“He knows every wide receiver position we have, so that’s a plus, not every guy can do that,” stated Stiefel.  “And just being able to catch the ball, he’s someone you can count on.”

At the end of the season, Hruska knows Wartburg football won’t end for him.  He will take with him the lessons he has learned and the friendships he has made.

Hruska said, “The pursuit for excellence and to succeed, that’s definitely something I’m going to take away.  Anything I do in my life that’s going to involve struggles and tests I’ll definitely fall back on my experiences at Wartburg.”

Overall, Hruska looks forward to the rest of his last season in the #22 jersey.

“I love it,” said Hruska.  “I wish I had four more years.  We’re definitely excited for the conference to start up this week with Simpson on our pursuit for the conference championship.”

The Knights kick off IIAC play against Simpson College this Saturday in Indianola.

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