Senior Year Experience

Derek Solheim“I’m almost finished!” is a common remark I hear from college seniors who are about to graduate.

However, the reality is that in the back of many seniors’ minds is a feeling of panic. They question what step to take next, how to get started and how to successfully transition from college to work. It’s important for seniors to know they are not alone and guidance is available.

The Senior Year Experience (SYE) is a series of interactive programs to help you in your transition from college into the next chapter of your life.

Topics range from job hunting skills to managing a budget to learning how to find an apartment. Sessions are presented by a variety of campus administrators, alumni and local community leaders.

By getting involved in the Senior Year Experience events, you will:

• Discover available on-campus resources.

• Prepare yourself for the many roles of a Wartburg College graduate in your home, community and workplace.

• Begin to understand how to successfully balance your family, career, and civic responsibilities.

• Learn best practices and lower your anxiety as graduation approaches.

The next nine months will be extremely exciting and busy. Equip yourself with the tools to be successful in whatever lies ahead of you.

To learn more about the Senior Year Experience, go to www.wartburg.edu/careers/sye.aspx or contact Derek Solheim, Pathways Center associate director for career services at (319) 352-8425.

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