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Silvestri to All-Star Classic

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“We got a phone call from the National Coaches Association and they contacted us and wanted to know if Kodie would be interested,” said Eric Keller, Wartburg co-head wrestling coach.

“Millboy told me about it and it was the first time going into his office where he shut the door and it was something good he had to tell me,” added Wartburg wrestler Kodie Silvestri.

The good news Coach Miller had was that Kodie Silvestri was invited to the National Coaches Association All-Star Classic.  Someone in Silvestri’s position rarely gets an opportunity like this.

Keller said, “Typically it’s all Division I wrestlers.  They try to get the best lineup they can get.  So normally it’s number one or number two in the nation against each other.”

This year Kodie is the only Division III wrestler competing in the dual, however, he says there is no additional pressure.

“I’m the same as everybody out there competing,” said Silvestri.  “I’m a wrestler just trying to go out there and represent myself.”

Keller added, “This event is something for him to go out and relax and enjoy it.  There is no pressure, that’s the great part about it.”

This is an exciting opportunity for both Silvestri and the Wartburg wrestling program.  Kodie is only the third Wartburg wrestler to be invited to the All-Star Classic.

“There’s a lot of people at Wartburg that probably don’t realize how big of a deal this is and how prestigious of an event this is and really what a rare occasion it is to have a Division III guy invited to the Division I All-Star Dual,” said Keller.

Silvestri commented, “So it is a big deal to me, just being able to put on that singlet and represent Wartburg College and definitely try to make a name for myself and for our college.”

The sold out dual will be on Saturday, Nov. 3 at American University in Washington D.C. and with the match up of defending NCAA champions, Kyle Dake and David Taylor, this is a huge event.

“There’s a lot of build up around this event,” stated Keller.  “For us to have a chance to participate, it’s a big deal.”

Kodie will not be alone in D.C.  Coach Keller and Coach Miller will join him.  And since he is from New Jersey, his family will be able to attend the dual as well.

“That just gives it a little more motivation for me just for them to see my ability right now and the level that I’m at,” said Silvestri.

That weekend will be the opening weekend for college wrestling, so this is a big opportunity for Silvestri to start his season off in a positive way.

“It’s gonna feel good,” commented Silvestri.  “Going into this first match it’s definitely very important for me to go out and perform to my full potential so it can give me that sense of mind of where my abilities are at.”

“I mean it’s definitely the event that wrestling fans at all levels have circled around and people are excited about watching,” said Keller.

Silvestri and Keller and both looking forward to this once in a lifetime opportunity, not only for Kodie, but for Wartburg.

Keller said, “Everybody in the nation is going to know that Wartburg was represented there.”

“I’m pretty motivated with this opportunity,” added Silvestri.  “I can’t wait to get out there and I can’t wait to represent myself.”


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