Sir Victor’s impact on Wartburg Community

Sir Victor has shown his Wartburg pride with his many photo opportunities and high-fives.

Eyes shine bright and smiles appear as Sir Victor makes an appearance at events. Little kids run up hoping for a hug as parents catch up with their camera in hand. Sir Victor, also know as the Knight, has shown up to spread the spirit.

“We have been talking about getting some more campus spirit,” Renee Voves, director of Alumni and Parent Relations and Annual Giving, said. “We worked really hard to develop a mascot that everyone has been looking for. We wanted to have a strong influence but did not want him to be mean looking.”

About a year ago, the alumni office teamed-up with the Marketing & Communication Department to create the face of Wartburg, Tony Smith, assistant director of alumni and parent relations, said.

Sir Victor made his debut at the 2013 Homecoming football game.

Sir Victor got his name fairly quickly, Voves said.

“Sir Victor came because of the word ‘Victory,’ so it made sense to call him ‘Sir Victor,’” Voves said.

Smith said many students want to know who is the mascot, so it could be challenging for those who know his identity to keep it a secret, but for Voves, it is not a hard secret to keep.

“If you just go with Sir Victor as the Knight and not worrying about anything beyond that. Just focus on Sir Victor,” Voves said. “There are special things we have to do to keep his identity as Sir Victor. We keep it as casual as possible.”

The alumni office has hired student squires, people acting as an attendant to a knight, for when he goes to different activities.

Sir Victor is not allowed to converse verbally with anyone except for his squire just to make sure his identity is a secret and to be like other mascots at different schools.

Abby Singleton has taken on the role of being a squire. She said she makes sure his uniform is put on correctly as well as gives him food and water.

At the time, Singleton’s admissions counselor Smith, who is now in charge of Sir Victor for the alumni office, said it’s a way to get more involved as a first-year.

Singleton said she normally would not go to a football game or different events, so being able to help Sir Victor while supporting the sports teams is a lot of fun.

“It is really cool to follow along and see how he interacts with people,” Singleton said.

Singleton said Sir Victor greets children, students, adults and alumni with a big hug and wave when he sees them.

Singleton, Smith and Voves have hopes for the future of Sir Victor.

“I can see him growing as a character for Wartburg and acting the way most Wartburg students act,” Singleton said.

“When people see him at a birthday party or at a wedding, they would think ‘Wow the people at Wartburg are like Sir Victor, that would be a really good place to be’ and I think he will be a good face for Wartburg.”

Voves hopes Sir Victor will continue to be part of campus. She also hopes that he will continue to bring the school spirit.

“Any way you can promote Wartburg in a positive light like Sir Victor is doing is a good thing so I just hope we can continue to do that,” Voves said.

Its been a great experience watching the reactions of alumni, students and children throughout the past year, Voves said.

Sir Victor is available for birthday parties, weddings, retirement parties, as a welcoming committee for the college or any event in the community.

Smith said it’s great to see Sir Victor at these activities because he brings little gift bags for the honored individual or takes pictures with them.

To get Sir Victor at your event, contact Tony Smith at

You can also follow Sir Victor on Twitter @WCSirVictor for his upcoming appearances or pictures.

“People love Wartburg and they want to show that when they want to get a picture with Sir Victor or just high-five or hug him,” Voves said. “I think it is a positive thing and it will help continue to grow the program.”


  1. Sir Victor is not a new name to me. I attended wartburg college in 1956 and a contest was held to name the knight. I submitted “Sir Victor” and was awarded a Parker ink pen for the winning entry and had to give a little speech on how I came up with the name at a homecoming gathering.I know this was a long time ago and am sure there as nothing recorded. I do remember the prize was to be a Parker 51 pen but it came up to be a cheaper style. No big deal on the name but I remember and I guess that is all that matters.

  2. Bill bledsoe

    Just thought it was interesting I ran across this article.

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