Snakes Alive! Cedar Valley kids check out reptiles

This past week, the Grout museum participated in its annual outreach program with two elementary schools in the Waterloo area.

Jason Dornbush took a few different constrictor snakes to both Lou Henry and Kittrell Elementary schools.

This program allowed students and their families to get an up close look at some of the snakes that the Grout museum has in its different exhibits.

The program has been on going since the museum opened. As part of this community outreach, the museum brings its snakes to communities throughout Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Dornbush, allows the students and families to touch the snakes as he presents them. He had four snakes ranging in size from three feet to nearly ten feet long.

In educating the students, the Grout museum hopes to draw in an audience which can help the museums it has up and running.

Though the museum only brings snakes out to show, it has five distinct museums within Iowa. These museums range from the Iowa veterans museum, and historic residences to the science imaginarium, where the snakes reside.

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