Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry starts new blog

Alisha Ungs works on the new Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry blog. Ungs first got interested in working on the project, after she took RE 195: Special Topics: Introduction to Digital Ministry during Winter Term. –Riley Cole/TRUMPET

A group of students and Pastor Brian Beckstrom are powering up a new blog to share student testimonials and other faith-related works.

Alisha Ungs, one of the students working on the project, said she encourages students to interact with the blog, because it can provide a unique benefit.

“We hope this blog will be a life-changer for some students and that people can find God’s word through the stories of their friends and classmates,” Ungs said.

The development of this project came about after Hannah Hilgenkamp, Beckstrom and Ungs met to brainstorm ideas for how to improve digital ministry.

The trio took into consideration their feedback they received from students: to hear more from students on how God is at work in their lives, or “God moments.”

“We thought the blog would be a great way to do that,” Ungs said.

Beckstrom thought the time of the school year, May Term, was a perfect time to try and experiment with new options for digital ministry.

Eventually, the group elected to move forward with a video blog.

“We’ve been talking about finding different ways to tell the faith stories of Wartburg for a while,” Beckstrom said.

Ungs said she will be working with Hilgenkamp to generate new content, ideally each week.

Together, Ungs and Hilgenkamp will select a person, ask permission to share their story, interview them, edit their video, write a post for the blog and share the video on Facebook and Twitter.

“Hannah and Alisha are really the brains behind this project and they create all of the content,” Beckstrom said. “Their work has been outstanding.”

Ungs first got involved in digital ministry work, after she took RE 195: Special Topics: Introduction to Digital Ministry during Winter Term.

When Hilgenkamp approached Ungs to help with the project, Ungs said her position is one she is looking forward to.

“It is a perfect intersection between my two majors, journalism and religion,” Ungs said.

Ungs said she wants to create as much content as possible for the new blog. Ungs hopes the blog will grow from just videos to other faith stories and even numerous posts each week.

That content is information that Ungs hopes changes the lives of students at Wartburg.

“We hope to use this blog to glorify God in all things and convey the love of Christ through this ministry,” Ungs said.

Beckstrom said he hopes Wartburg students and other members in the community will interact with the content students are creating.

From commenting on blog posts to watching videos, Beckstrom believes the blog has the potential to reach a large amount of people.

“This blog moves the conversation to the digital world,” Beckstrom said.

Beckstrom encouraged students and those interested in the blog to reflect upon their own faith stories, in addition to interacting with the blog’s content.

“When you do open yourself up to faith conversation, you discover that we all have a lot to teach others through our experiences and in turn, learn from their stories,” Beckstrom said.

To view the blog, click here.

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