Student body president and vice president talk about next year

Vice President Naomi Alene (left) and President Karl Jaeschke (right) have a lot of new ideas for the 2017-18 school year
Vice President Naomi Alene (left) and President Karl Jaeschke (right) have a lot of new ideas for the 2017-18 school year.

Student body President Karl Jaeschke and Vice President Naomi Alene discuss their plans and goals for the upcoming school year.

Why did you want to run for Student Body President and Vice President?

Jaeschke: I understand there’s something larger than myself. I never pictured being president to benefit myself. It was not intended to be a resume builder or a feather in my hat. There is a need for someone with passion and people have expressed that I have great passion and am an intelligent leader.

Alene: I always wanted to run. I have a heart for Wartburg. I always have ideas on how things could change in the senate since I was the Executive Assistance of Diversity (EAD) on the executive team. I never seemed to have a platform to talk about these issues before, now I can. I also love to hear what other people have to say on the senate.

What are you guys excited about?

Jaeschke: To see what we can do as a senate. The foundation of our campaign is we want to ‘say yes before we say no’ to any suggestions.

Alene: The two of us are all about empowering the senators and see what they are passionate about and acting on it and how we can impact the whole student body.

What are your goals for the year?

Jaeschke: I want to create a senate where there’s a climate that every senator buys into. In years past senators have dropped out because they do not enjoy being on the senate. We want to decrease the amount that leave the senate.

Alene: We want to create a climate where any issue can be talked about and we will tackle it head on.

Any new events for next year?

Jaeschke: We will hear suggestions for new events from the senate and student body but in the meantime we want to continue to support events like Dance Marathon and Culture Week.

Alene: I want to get a winter Outfly so bad. It’s hard but I’m going to try.

How involved would you guys like to be on campus next year?

Jaeschke: I want to be at every single event. Before I ran I tried to make to a lot of campus events.

Alene: I was previously the EAD, so I know what being involved on campus is like and being part of the senate is like.

What are possible changes coming for next year?

Jaeschke: Going back to the environment of the senate, we want there to be suggestions in the senate and eliminate the environment of ‘I know what is best, things will be done my way,’ otherwise there is no listening taking place in the senate.

Alene: Agreed, everyone should get a say without being pushed aside.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Jaeschke: The environment that is in place creates a lot of pushback. We want to avoid that attitude next year. Another challenge is the fine line between inclusion and diversity on campus. You see students sitting at the same tables every single day in the Mensa, never branching out. There are declining numbers at events, and we want to push to people to get involved.

Alene: It’s not easy to change the culture of the senate and the student body, so one of the challenges is getting people on board with what we want to do.

When is Outfly next year?

Jaeschke: Yeah, that’s my answer

Alene: Tomorrow.

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