Student body president resigns

Wartburg student body president Karl Jaeschke announced Thursday afternoon at the full Senate meeting that he was stepping down from his position.

Jaeschke said he was resigning due to a lack of available time to devote to the presidency.

“There wasn’t enough time to be in the engagements I already participate in and the presidency,” Jaeschke said. “So to avoid being a bad president I had to step down and let a good candidate take my place who will be able to dedicate more time.”

Student body vice president Naomi Alene is expected take over as president moving forward.

Alene said the news about Jaeschke’s resignation was sudden and unexpected, but believes Senate will still be strong.

“I am more than confident that the executive team and Student Senate as a cohesive organization can move forward and accomplish our ultimate objective, which is meeting the needs of the student body,” Alene said.

No official word has come out on who will replace Alene as vice president.

Jaeschke is the second student body president to step down in the past four academic years.

While this can be a big transition, Jaeschke said it should not interfere with Outfly, Homecoming or any other events.

Alene said she believes the Senate Executive Team will be able overcome the move.

“We are blessed to have a strong group of executive leaders that are very capable of adapting to this change,” Alene said.

Jaeschke reflected the same thoughts as Alene regarding the executive team.

“I am certain that Student Senate will continue to be prosperous in my absence. The leaders of the Executive Team are very capable of adapting to this situation,” Jaeschke said.

Even though he is stepping down, Jaeschke did say in his resignation letter that he is excited to rejoin Senate after his rolling application is approved.

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