UPDATE: Former missing student charged with burglary

missing student

Former Wartburg student Selamou Ahmed has been charged with burglary. Ahmed is in the Cook County Jail in Chicago.

According to the Chicago police, Ahmed is accused of burglarizing a sport utility vehicle and taking items in the vehicle.

Classified as a missing person, Ahmed was finally located after nearly three weeks when a Waterloo Courier reporter used an Internet search engine to find a picture of Ahmed on a Chicago mug shot website.

Emily Christiansen, editor and news director of Marketing & Communication, said Ahmed is no longer considered a student at Wartburg.

“The status change was done to comply with immigration regulation regarding the enrollment status of international students,” Christiansen said. “We are obligated by those immigration regulations to change his enrollment status if he hasn’t been on campus for a certain period of time.”

As Ahmed’s court case proceeds, Christiansen said Wartburg will be keeping in contact with the former student’s family.

On Thursday, Ahmed had his first court appearance and was appointed a public defender.

Several Wartburg students are currently trying to raise money for his bail. Eight Wartburg students drove to Chicago to attend his first court date.

“I’ve been worried about my roommate’s well-being,” Kofi Manteaw, Ahmed’s roommate said.

“What actually happened was really shocking and none of his friends expected it,” Manteaw said.

Ahmed, a second-year physics major from Western Sahara, was reported missing after Fall Break when his father contacted Wartburg saying he had not been in contact with his son for quite some time.

“The same day that we were made aware that people were concerned he was missing, our security officers went ahead and filed that missing persons report with Waverly Police Department,” Christiansen said.

From that point, the Waverly Police Department handled the case, Christiansen said.

“They worked their leads and followed up on things throughout the week and when it became apparent that maybe we needed to reach out a little bit more, to reach out to our campus community, it was agreed that we
would send out the email that we did to the faculty and students,” she said. “We were thankful we had found him and so quickly after it was announced, which was why we announced it. We did want the help of people in the community.”

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