Student Senate determines Outfly theme

When people think of the Olympics they think of the many sporting events and the world-class athletes; and now they can add the Outfly theme to that list.

Last April, Student Senate started to brainstorm Outfly theme ideas for the 2012 academic year. The Olympics idea was tossed around and Senate thought it was a good theme to go with because of the London games this past summer, Josh Trueblood, student body vice president, said.

“We can get the international feel into it and have a certain competitive spirit to the school,” Trueblood said.

When starting the process of planning Outfly, Senate brainstorms ideas and they think of decorations that can go along with it, student body president, Hollis Hanson-Pollock, said.

Trying to top last year’s theme of Harry Potter is a challenge Student Senate is willing to take on.

While brainstorming ideas, the top choice wasn’t the Olympics, it was the Hunger Games. Other ideas for Outfly included Animal House, Trueblood said.

“The Hunger Games would have been an interesting theme but some students are more disappointed than others,” Katie Wyman, a student at Wartburg, said.

The Olympics are something that most people know about and can relate to. For this theme people don’t have to read the book and they don’t have to see a movie to understand it, Trueblood said.

“We saw it as something that had a lot of potential for fun activities,” Hanson-Pollock said.

Trueblood said planning Outfly is a process that started as soon as he was elected vice president. It is a huge responsibility to have. May Term Senate is also involved with the planning of Outfly. They help with picking the theme and throughout the summer brainstorming different ideas.

“As soon as school starts you have to hit the ground running and you have to get organized,” Trueblood said.

There will be activities going on throughout the day. This year there will be a number of competitions ranging from table tennis, badminton, speed walking, triathlon challenge, dodge ball and cup stacking, Trueblood said.

The Wartburg Outfly tradition traces back to the 1890s and it now occurs once a year during the Fall Term. Only the college president and the student body president know the date of Outfly.

“Outfly as we know it is fairly young but the entire tradition is decades old,” Trueblood said.

Originally two-thirds of the student body had to go to the President’s house and Outfly would be called. Now the whole student body comes together and the day is filled with activities planned by Student Senate, student body treasurer, David Nelson, said.

“I’m hoping to have a lot of student involvement since there will be so many activities happening,” Hanson-Pollock said.

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