Students approve 2018-19 Academic Calendar

Due to student input Wartburg College made a revision to the 2018-19 Academic Calendar earlier this week. The announcement was made in the Nov. 27 Juice. Classes will begin Aug. 29, with classes scheduled to be held on Labor Day. The upside to the revision is classes will end the Friday before Thanksgiving granting students nine days off versus the previous four-day holiday.

The Fall term at Wartburg typically begins after Labor Day weekend, this start date is much later than that of many private and state schools across the nation. Students find themselves often bored because all of their friends have returned to their respective schools.

Junior soccer player Ben McCullough said the schedule works out nicely for him because he has to be on campus for preseason in early August.

“I’m already on campus a few weeks prior to classes starting so it’ll be nice to get down to business sooner,” McCullough said.

I’ve been at Wartburg for four years and have always been the last one of my friends to go back to school. I have never really done much on Labor Day either so starting school earlier wouldn’t matter much to me.

Wartburg is also home to many students who live more than 500 miles from campus. California native Nick Hubacz in the past hadn’t gone home for Thanksgiving because there are so few travel days.

“Having nine days off for Turkey Day will give me a chance to finally go home and spend quality time with my family,” Hubacz said.

This Thanksgiving classes were held until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving only giving students half a day to travel home. I think that this decision by the school was unnecessary because classes were shortened with many teachers canceling classes.

Unfortunately for me my Wednesday class didn’t get cancelled and an attendance policy is a part of the class syllabus.   Therefore, I was forced to stick around for class only leaving a half day of travel. As an out of state student making the journey home for a short three days did not make sense so I opted to stay on campus.

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