Students get into the Thanksgiving spirit

Students were able to make hand turkeys at this year’s Harvest Fest. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

This year campus programming is hosting a hand turkey contest to get students in the Thanksgiving spirit.

Ashley Lang, director of campus programming, said that as far as she knows this is the contest’s first year.

“No one has told me any different so I decided just to do something to get people in the holiday spirit. Everyone tends to forget about Thanksgiving after Halloween,” Lang said.

Lang said she came up with the idea and talked to ETK before making it a campus programming event.

“I think it’s something so easy and fun for people to do. It takes minimal supplies, you don’t have to have a whole lot of talent I guess to make a cool hand turkey,” Lang said.

Kristine Arnold is a student who decided to participate in the contest.

“I walked past a poster in the hallway of an elementary drawing of a turkey and thought, ‘this is something I could do.’ I was bored one Friday night and decided to get creative,” Arnold said.

Arnold used red string, fall colored felt and buttons to create her turkey, she said.

She originally started working on her turkey using a sewing machine, but that did not work so well.

“I ended up hand sewing the whole thing and super gluing some of the materials onto the felt. I just wanted him to look festively fall-ish,” Arnold said.

Another student’s turkey went in a different direction.

“It was inspired by some henna designs I have drawn in the past for friend on campus, another pastime of mine.

“So, my design is in sharpie marker. The designs are intricate and defined which reflects the common henna design,”  Abby Shannon said.

Prizes have not been determined yet, but Lang said they will be something similar to those the book store gave out for the pumpkin carving contest. However, the hand turkey contest does not have categories.

The only rule for this contest is that you have to use your hand, Lang said. Entries are due Nov. 16.

“I think it’s fun sometimes for college students to get back to their childhood and remember those similar things without all the stress and anxiety that might be around this time of year with tests and getting ready to have break but it’s not quite here yet,” Lang said.

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