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- JJ McClendon
– JJ McClendon













Bigger, better, sleeker and faster. These are all words that have been used to describe the new Apple product, the iPhone 6. The phone became available in the U.S. on Sept. 21 and because of the high demand, many of the phones had to be ordered for a later pick-up date.

“I wanted to get mine right away, so I sat through all the lines and waited until I finally had it in my hands,” Miguel Lozan, a Wartburg student, said.

With Apple’s biggest competitor being Samsung, the company was forced to create a phone that was bigger and able to keep up with the always changing preferences of consumers.

Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are much larger than the other generations of iPhones, causing other changes to be made on the phone. The power button is now on the side on the phone because having to reach to the top of the phone to put the phone in “sleep mode” wasn’t able to be reached easily with one hand.

“The bigger size is a much better feature than the other iPhones I have had. It is easier to watch videos and basically do anything since you can see it all so much better,” student Demitris Fambro said.

The size isn’t the only thing Apple changed. The entire design of the phone was changed. Apple created one of the thinnest phones on the market, made from strong metal, which allows the screen to curve to give the phone a longer, sleek shape. The camera has also improved . It now slightly protrudes from the back, acting like more of a real camera and hopefully improving picture quality.

“The new camera is definitely slick and works well. The only thing I get worried about is that when I set it down the lens is going to get super scratched, or if I drop it, it might snap off,” Fambro said.

The system is also updated to iOS8, which is available to all iPhones to improve system quality.

“I chose to keep my existing iPhone. There really weren’t many changes that I thought were worth the upgrade. My phone works just fine now,” Travis Bockenstedt, a professor at Wartburg College, said.

Getting all these new features, however, comes with a price. In the U.S., the iPhone 6 ranges from $199 to $399 if you are planning on buying on contract. If you choose to go off of a contract the phone ranges from $649 to $849, according to

“It is definitely worth it. I upgraded from an iPhone 4 and it is such a huge difference! My contract was expired and so it really wasn’t much money at all. I was going to need to upgrade soon anyways, so it just happened to work out that the iPhone 6 came out at the same time,” Lozan said.

“I like it a lot. I was getting tired of my old phone and was looking for something bigger. When the iPhone 6 came out it was just what I was looking for,” Fambro said.

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