Students review Clinton Hall

Clinton resident Ian Coon said staying in Clinton Hall is part of the reason his first year has been so great. — Rochelle Beardsley/TRUMPET

With the end of the semester approaching, students living in Clinton Hall have been able to experience the housing opportunity and develop thoughts and comments on what it is like to live in the newly renovated building.
Ian Coon, a current Clinton resident, said the remodeling of the building has been a huge part of what has made it a great year for him.
“Clinton was a big win for residential life. I think the other housing options on our campus can learn a lot from the shared spaces available in Clinton,” Coon said.
Breanna Walczyk, a Clinton resident, lived in the building her freshman year. She said this year’s experience has been a very positive one compared to past years.
“I think the renovation has made huge improvements to the ‘Clinton Community’ because you see a lot more students using common spaces than you did prior to the renovation,” Walczyk said.
According the Wartburg webpage, Clinton Hall has a modern classroom, tutoring space, a new computer lab, modern bathroom facilities, a faculty apartment, a small theater space and new social and gaming lounges, as well as collaborative study spaces to improve community engagement.
Coon said the kitchen and the apartment are amazing for hosting events for all students on campus to help bond the Wartburg community.
“I really hope the cultural benefits of the redesign of these spaces is seen and will be implemented in other residence halls and spaces across campus,” Coon said.
“I would like to see more of a modern and clean style on campus compared to the more traditional one now.”
Kyle Stewart, a resident of Clinton Hall pre-renovation, said his experience in Clinton Hall before it underwent changes was somewhat disappointing.
“As a hall, Clinton was not so bad. The lack of air conditioning needed to be worked on and the walls and surrounding areas were run down,” Stewart said.
“It was my first year in the U.S. and I had no idea what to expect. When it was cold [outside] the room was cold. When it was blazing hot, the room was worse.”
Along with the addition of air conditioning and its helpfulness during freshman move-in, Walczyk said the upgrades to the bathrooms are her favorite parts of the renovation.
Coon and Walczyk said they still see room for improvement in the hall, though.
“I think it still needs some touch-ups and a good deep clean since they didn’t have a good amount of time to do that before move-in,” Walczyk.
Coon recommended the bathrooms be more of an individual room with a toilet, sink and shower for the privacy and safety of students.
“The renovations have made Clinton more livable and have created a more positive environment for students to live and socialize in,” Walczyk said.
Coon said he appreciates having study and social spaces without needing to leave the building.
“I honestly would like to live in Clinton again because it is so nice and feels much cleaner,” Coon said.
Stewart said although he doesn’t live in Clinton this year, he occasionally visits and is impressed with the renovations.
“It is much better than it was previously and is now a place on campus that I would seek to live in,” Stewart said.
Students are hopeful that the college continues to make renovations throughout the years to improve the Wartburg experience and strengthen the sense of community at the college.
“Your physical environment plays such a big role in defining how people interact in that space.” Coon said.
“For Clinton Hall, it turned out just as this first year would have hoped.”

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