Students set to get scared with scary story writing contest


Wartburg freshman, Elorm Attor, working on his scary story for the scary story contest. - Paul Bossua
Wartburg freshman, Elorm Attor, working on his scary story for the scary story contest. – Paul Bossua














As Halloween approaches, the scary story writing contest is here again and this year’s prompt is “They won’t stay dead.” The winning writer will be published in the Castle magazine and receive $50 gift certificate to the Wartburg store. The contest is sponsored by Castle magazine and WRSL.

“In the writing lab, we focus on all kinds of writing, not only writing papers or lab reports,” Pathways associate for WRSL Jette Irgens said. “I think it’s also healthy to work on your creative writing even though a lot of students feel like they are too busy.”

Irgens also said when the contest was created, one of their goals was to connect the writing lab something other than just homework.

“Writing is so much more and if you can write in a way that can bring you more joy into the process then I think that is good for your general writing,” Irgens said.

Submissions on to the contest must have no more than 2,000 words and must include the phrase “they [he/she] won’t stay dead.” Entries will be judged by the Castle editors. Submissions should be sent to The deadline for the contest is Oct. 31.

Since the scary story writing contest premiered in it has had a variety of participants such as faculty, students, staff and even alumni. Couple years ago it was an Alumni who won, Irgens said.

Irgens encouraged participants in the contest to feel free to stop by the Pathways center if they need help or guidance with their scary stories. She also said all students should not hesitate to visit pathways if they need help with any sort of writing, even the ones that are not school related.

The Pathways Center is located in the Vogel Library 314. They are open Monday to Friday at 8-4:30 p.m.

“We had a student come up to Pathways for help with a movie script. Another student who was writing a novel came to us as well,” Irgens said. “We would love to see any writing project up here.”

Irgens went on to say she believes it’s healthy for the Wartburg campus to have different outlets such as the Scary story writing contest for students to participate in.

“Not everyone wants to be on a sports team. So I think it’s good to provide other extracurricular activities for students.” Irgens said.

Castle co-editor, Olaniyi Omiwale said The Castle has a number of changes this year.

“Firstly, the size of the magazine will be reduced from its conventional magazine size to regular book proportions’” said Omiwale. “The purpose of this is to make the journal more personal to readers.”

Also, this year the Castle will be mailed to alumni. Castle will also be accepting poetry, visual art of any medium alongside short stories, Omiwale said.

Those who wish to receive a copy of The Castle magazine due for publication, Dec. 1 should contact


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