Students show increased interest in Kastle Kapers auditions

Over six extra slots were added to the Kastle Kaper audition list this year due to an increase in acts interested in trying out. Renee Voves, Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, said the increase in interest is really exciting, but she owes the credit to the publicity committee.

“The committee was so dedicated this year, they did table tents, they worked hard to make it this big of a success, and that was really great to see,” Voves said.

With about 40 auditioning acts, Voves said the cutting process was much harder this year.

“You don’t like to cut people, but that’s how it is. I think it’s harder for the students on the committee, but we decided on a system that’s fair and gets us the best possible show,” Voves said.

Brooke Lentz, a member of the Kastle Kapers committee, said it is tough to cut people, especially when you know some of the acts.

“The whole process is exciting and fun, but it’s hard to cut because you know people are trying their hardest and want it really bad. I just try to encourage them to try out again next year and explain that it’s not personal – to them and myself,” Lentz said.

Kastle Kapers typically consists of about 15-16 acts and the acts are given four minutes to perform.  Because of the increased number of acts, about half of those auditioning will have to be cut.

“It’s my hope that people saw something they liked in last year’s show, got inspired and wanted to add something different to the show’s dynamics and that’s why we got such an overwhelming response this year,” Lentz said.

The acts are rated and the judging sheets are ranked at the end of the auditions, but category is also a factor in deciding what acts are selected for the final show.

“We try to categorize, too, because the top 10 scoring acts might all be soloists or music groups, but we can’t have a show with just soloists or music groups. We have to bring variety and pick acts that will make the best, most interesting show for the audience,” Lentz said.

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