Sustainability Department will start bike rental program

To raise awareness of Sustainability Days, Bike Tech repaired bikes outside of the 'W' for free. The Sustainablility Department is starting a bike rental program on campus for students. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

The Sustainability Department on campus is going to launch a bike rental program for students that they hope to have in place by homecoming weekend.

Anne Duncan, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, said she thinks the program will be a success and that they are starting with three bikes for rent, but hope to build to five.

“We’re starting this because students expressed interest in it, so I think it will be successful since it’s student-initiated,” Duncan said.

To rent a bike for riding across campus or off-campus, students will be using the same process as checking out a book with their ID. Students will be given a key and a helmet for safety and must return these items when they are finished using the bike.

“I think the idea of bike rental is really cool,” Valentina Jordan said. “I’d never heard of it before though, so I hope more word gets out and people really get some use out of it.”

“Really, the overall goal is two-fold,” Duncan said, “We’re trying to reduce the miles that Wartburg students and staff are driving, but we’re also trying to expose students to the awesome recreational opportunities that Waverly has.”

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The UHaul Car Share program also saw an update this year, as the cars were taken off-campus over the summer to receive maintenance.

“I’ve had parents calling me and asking about paying for miles for their kids to use instead of sending a car with them to campus. It hasn’t fallen off people’s radars even though the cars weren’t available this summer,” Duncan said.

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