Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving break begins on Nov. 22 for Wartburg students. Madeline Cable and Logan Merley are two students who said they are ready to go home for the holiday not only for the food but because they miss their families.

Some common foods served at Thanksgiving meals are turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie.

“My family is more traditional in nature, nothing too extravagant or anything,” Merley said. “We’re just traditional.”

Cable, however, has a little different way of celebrating the holiday.

“When I was younger, we would do the more traditional things like turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. But lately, we’ve been doing the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma’s house,” Cable said.

While neither Merley nor Cable have ever gone out to a restaurant for their holiday meal, Cable has helped others during the giving season.

“We didn’t have a big dinner one year because on Thanksgiving morning, we went to a Knights of Columbus hall where we put together meals for people who were unable to cook for themselves whether they lived alone, or couldn’t be with their families or were homeless,” Cable said.

Merley’s dinners normally consist of keeping the family together.

“We could easily go out, but part of our family bonding is helping prepare the food,” Merley said. “My grandma would make the meat and potatoes but we would make salads and desserts and extras. We would bring in those extras and help out in preparing and then eat as a big family.”

Both Cable and Merley have a couple favorite foods that are considered traditions at their family households.

“My grandma on my father’s side has a secret recipe for baked beans which is literally hand-made every single time,” Merley said. “There are no specific amount of ingredients, it’s just done by taste and it’s just our special thing.”

Cable said her family always allowed her to cook something since she has always been a fan of cooking.

“We have foods we make every year, and my mom will make her famous coconut pie,” Cable said. “We normally don’t stray from the traditional foods you hear about at Thanksgiving dinners.”

To finish off the Thanksgiving meal, popular desserts are served at both Cable and Merley’s household, including pumpkin pie and Oreo fluff.

“All my grandma’s pies are homemade, so the pies usually go really fast. But we have secondary desserts,” Merley said. “I normally have one slice of pie and then I have extra desserts after that of course.”

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