The Gray Goose takes flight

The Gray Goose is the name of the party bus owned by Sam Heimer. -Submitted Photo

Many college students don’t even own their own car, however, Wartburg senior Sam Heimer owns his own party bus. The bus is known around his home town of St. Ansgar as the Gray Goose.

Last July Heimer wanted to keep himself busy so he purchased an old school bus to renovate.

“I bought the bus because I knew I could have fun with it and my buddies. When I got it I started taking seats out with the intention of turning it into a motorhome,” Heimer said.

While renovating the bus many friends heard about it and started inquiring about rentals. That was when Heimer realized he had something going.

“People kept asking me to rent it out, I decided to embrace the idea,” Heimer said. “I also realized I could make a little money on the side and it just took off from there.”

Heimers roommate, Dakota Moore has ridden in the bus on multiple occasions.

“That thing is sweet, being able to roll around in it with a group of guys is a one in a million experience,” Heimer said.

Heimer said rentals are usually strictly to people but he gets reimbursed for fuel and gets tips.

“Making a few dollars on the side is a nice perk but at the end of the day it’s awesome because it takes drunk drivers off the road, cops in our area love it,” Heimer said.

Since Heimer knows almost all of his customers personally he is able to make rounds after the bars so he knows people are being safe and not driving after drinking.

Two months ago, Heimer also purchased an 84 Lincoln Limo with the intention of road tripping to Nashville, Tenn. with a group of friends after graduation.

“I’m thinking about cashing out of the party bus industry soon and focus on the limo because it’s lower risk and fewer passengers,” Heimer said.

Heimer essentially stumbled into the rental business.

“All these thing I more or less just bought because I knew I could have fun with it and me and my buddies,” Heimer said.

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