The problem with late-night dining in Waverly

Late night munchies and college students go hand in hand, the real issue on Wartburg’s campus emerges around 10 o’clock on weekdays when kitchens close their doors for the night.

Third-year Ben McCullough has always wanted Waverly to have more late-night dining options.

“Once it gets past ten I feel like the whole town kind of just shuts down,” said McCullough.

Domino’s and the Den are open till 11 and of course there’s McDonalds, but you need a car.

We can’t forget about Kwik-Star, students go to when it comes to satisfying the late-night cravings.

Kwik-Star is popular but no one really likes gas station food that much. I think its unanimous that a big burrito from Panchero’s would trump some chicken sammies (bosco Sticks are better anyway).

Despite college student’s complaints about late night dining options there are a few spots to check out for grub on the weekends.

The Dirty Dog bar and restaurant, realizes there is a demand for food later in the evening. Especially as the weekend closes in and the bar patrons make their rounds. That is why the Dog offers a limited menu from 10-12 on Friday and Saturday to cater to these customers.

The limited menu consists of appetizers and pizza. The owner has a few other bar and restaurants in Iowa offering the same type of late night menu.

Bartender and manager, Danielle Cardella said, “Sometimes on Thursday’s people will even request late stuff, but we can’t do it”. She added that pretty much all of Waverly’s restaurants close at 10 o’clock.

Pizza is a late- night staple especially after a few beers. When you get that craving, Dominos has you covered, the dough spot is open till 1a.m. Friday and Saturdays.

Students can also be found making the trip down to Cedar Falls to enjoy a more diverse set of dining options. Some of Wartburg student’s favorite spots include Panda Express, Panchero’s, and Taco Bell.

Waverly is definitely not a late-night culinary hub but that is largely because of the community and restaurants not being able to produce enough business late at night to make staying open profitable.

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