Time to see you adviser

Freshman Advising WeekAdvising Week is Nov. 2-6 for first years that have not already gotten to know their adviser to speak with them and figure out their career plan at Wartburg.

“The purpose of Advising Week is to make sure that students who aren’t already building relationships with their advisers, remember to do that,” Jette Irgens, assistant director of Pathways
Center, said.

“I know students get really busy and that it can sometimes seem like a task to connect, but those relationships could be really important.”

Students can discuss their winter term schedules, their major if they want to change it ,future planning for Wartburg West and studying aboard.

“We know a lot of students kind of start considering changing their major and so it is good to have those conversations and sort of know what are the expectations, rules, policies, etc,” Irgens said.

Even if students do not switch their majors, they are encouraged to still speak with their advisers to discuss the goals they need for their potential career.

“It is important to speak with your adviser. Those are people who are going to write letters of recommendation, guide your way through college and make sure you get to go to the places in the
curriculum and maybe even the world that you need or want to go,” Irgens said.

Kelly Faga and Tammy Faux both reach out to their advisees in similar ways.

“I send an email out to my advising list, and tell them I have a signing list on my door,” Faux, associate professor of social work, said.

“I just send an email out and sent them to all my advisees, and I posted a sign-in sheet on my door,” Faga, associate professor of education, said.

Though they both reach out the same way, they have a unique style for each of their advisees during the week.

“I ask them to bring with them their plan, and send to them a list of education courses and when they are supposed to take them.

“I tell them to come in and to have an idea of what they think they want.

“Otherwise [the students] come in with no idea, whereas if they have taken time and thought it out, it makes the time much more smoother,” Faga said.

Faux gives an incentive for her advisees to make sure they come during the week.

“I also try to do a little fun thing, and tell them I have a couple of cool cookie gift cards for people who attend during advising week.

“I draw names [during the week] for a couple of cool cookies, so it is for their best interest to show up,” Faux said.

All students can see their adviser if they choose to do so, but first- years should schedule a meeting with their adviser to gain knowledge of their purpose at Wartburg.

“As a freshman building that knowledge of what you can do here is important.

“If you are struggling in certain ways, personally or academically, it is just good to build that relationship with someone who cares about your success,” Irgens said.

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