Trumpet Editorial: Education funding crucial issue in 2012 election

As college students, it’s hard to avoid issues like education funding.

Recently, Wartburg was named 7th in the nation for graduating low-income students through the use of Pell Grants, according to a U.S. News Article.

Last year, about 27 percent of Wartburg students used Pell Grants as part of their financial aid package.

Education funding is rarely as palpable an issue as it is during election season. As students, we really should be paying attention to the discussion.

Regardless of who you support politically, it is important to recognize the crucial role that education funding plays in the lives of most students.

There are few college students who can afford a degree out of pocket these days, and most students come in with some form of financial aid whether it is scholarships, federal loans, private loans or grants.

The availability of Pell Grants has enabled many students, including 496 from Wartburg last year alone, to graduate with a degree when they may not have been able to otherwise.

The candidates debate various topics when it comes to education spending, but it is worth pointing out that neither platform supports eliminating funding  for student aid altogether.

As students it is important that we examine how financial aid affects our academic lives, but as voters it is equally important that we examine both platforms to see which we truly support.

Perhaps the most important consideration to make is that neither candidate can help education funding without the backing of Congress.

Getting involved in the conversation with your state representatives is paramount to continued availability of education funding.

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