Trumpet Editorial: Outfly spirit starting to dwindle

Every year the rumors circulate about Outfly from the moment October rolls around.

By the time mid-October hits, many students think they have the date figured out.

Typically, the widely agreed upon day spreads like wildfire until the majority of campus is convinced beyond doubt that Outfly has to land on a certain day.

The excitement surrounding the guessing game has always been part of the true spirit of Outfly, but the recent surge in harsh comments when the predicted day winds up Outfly-less is the anti-spirit of the event.

Last year really began the age of blaming the student body president for Outfly. Things began escalating last year with mean-spirited comments toward Rex Davidson when Outfly didn’t land on the anticipated day.

This year, comments toward Hollis Hanson-Pollock have been increasingly nasty as well.

Just“Outfly” in Twitter or scan Hollis’ Facebook profile to see that the Outfly spirit has really gone south.

Outfly is a privilege, not something we are entitled to as students.

Yes, halfway through the semester everyone starts to feel the stress and when Fall Break is still weeks away it’s fun to daydream of Outfly.

As a whole, we’re losing the fun spirit of it. We’ve forgotten the waking up and wondering what that noise down the hall is.

Instead of reveling in the anticipation and embracing the surprise of it all, students are treating it as something they deserve when they want it.

There has even been mention of adding a day to Fall Break and getting rid of Outfly all together, but that’s not the point.

It’s supposed to be about the excitement of the day, about the campus coming together as a community for a day created specifically for students.

They plan it all for us, so be aware of that.

Understand that the beauty of Outfly is the mystery of it. Enjoy it, because if we don’t, we might not have it much longer.

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