Trumpet editorial | Take the opportunity in front of you

Well, Wartburg Class of 2012 – Your college journey toward a bachelor’s degree is coming to an end. As you walk across that stage in a couple of weeks, remember that your story is just beginning. From Commencement on you have a unique power to start scribbling a crazy, beautiful mess all over your blank pages.

Research shows that adults with bachelor’s degrees not only have higher salaries but also are more satisfied with their lives. Getting out there “into the real world” is something a little scary to many college graduates, but it is also exciting — this is your chance to make the future you’ve been dreaming of since you declared a major four years ago.

The most important piece of the puzzle in front of you is choosing to do something you will truly love. Now is the time where the fork in the road is more apparent than ever. Now is the time when you have the opportunity to carve out that path labeled “Follow Your Dreams” and take that leap you’ve always said you would.

While this fresh start will certainly not be the only opportunity you have in your lifetime to realize that dream career or take steps toward becoming that idealized version of “you” you always talked about when you were younger, it is an opportunity to advance worth taking. The College Board released a study in 2010 in which they noted that among the many monetary and career benefits of being a college graduate were also higher rates of good health, higher job satisfaction and community involvement.

These factors play greatly in your favor, graduates, so take advantage. Make the most of these last couple of weeks on campus, soak up all the college memories you can, and when you’re officially a graduate, go out there and start the hard, wonderful work of making this world a better place.

The next steps are yours, create with them something that is a true reflection of all you’ve been working toward and how much you’ve grown throughout your Wartburg experience.

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