UKnight Day raises “Uknighted” goal

President Darrel Colson and Christy Colson collected donations for UKnight Day in 2016. — Marketing and Comm.

Wartburg College UKnight Day will be held on March 27, UKnight Day is a way for the Wartburg community to give back to the college.

Last year, the college “UKnighted” and received 1,416 donations.

Wartburg accepts all donations no matter how small or large.This year, the goal is to get 1,500 people “UKnighted,” or in other words, 1,500 donations.The student organization, Students UKnight, is for students to get involved with keeping the tradition alive at Wartburg College. This organization also brings together current students and alumni.

Three people on the executive team, Athena Hanson, Laura LaBrie and Jared Feigenbaum  plan several other events and activities other than just Uknight day.

“It is the mission of the Students UKnight to safeguard our traditions,” Feigenbaum said.

“To foster a sense of pride within the Wartburg community, and serve as the link between students and alumni. On UKnight Day we set up in the student center and have it decorated and have the goal and the number of people have donated set up and have a gift for the students who chose to donate,” he said.

Some of the different things the Students UKnight club does on campus includes creating Beat Luther shirts and legacy door decorations, organizing Beat Luther basketball events, tag day, icing on the cake day and Uknight Day.

“We work very closely with the alumni office and we really try to keep the traditions alive here at Wartburg,” LaBrie said.

Students can get involved with Students UKnight on campus by getting a position on the executive team or by becoming a member.

“To be a member it’s really easy,” LaBrie said.

“You just have to come to a couple of meetings and we really push helping with the events like selling the Beat Luther shirts. The meetings are at 9 p.m. bi-weekly so athletes or students in other activities could attend those meetings,” she said.

Tony Smith is the adviser for Students UKnight and is the associate director of alumni and parent relations.

Alumni/Parent relations and Annual Giving work hand in hand with marketing and communications he said.

“UKnight Day is a time for alumni, students, parents and friends to unite to support the college within the 24-hour period,” Smith said. “Student Uknight promotes philanthropy education and the importance of giving back through out the year.”

The first Uknight day was held on March 31, 2014 and the goal was 500 UKnighted.

“UKnight Day has taken on a life of its own,” Smith said. “Knights from all over the world take to social media to share their orange pride.”

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