Wartburg College fights for a cure in Africa

A new campaign by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to fight a deadly disease comes to Wartburg College by the work of one student.

After hearing from a Wartburg alum involved with the ELCA Malaria Initiative, third-year Kelsey Nulph decided to bring the campaign to Wartburg College.

This cause helps to end malaria in African countries where many people are infected and die from the disease.

“Just what they were talking about with these children dying and just how prevalent malaria is in Africa,” Nulph said, “I really wanted to get engaged in the project and help.”

According to the ELCA website, a child dies from malaria every sixty seconds.

Campaign Goals

Nulph says the three major components to the year-long campaign include selling coin jars, educating the public about malaria and hosting a benefit concert in the spring.

In addition, volunteers will host World Malaria Day in the spring, which includes a church service and a special offering for the campaign.

All funds raised through this campaign will then be matched dollar for dollar by the ELCA to buy mosquito nets for families.

“Our goal is to eventually raise between $30,000 and $35,000,” Nulph said.

Pastor Ramona Bouzard, mentor and adviser to Nulph, says the goal is not only to raise money but to wipe out malaria completely.

“Who would not want to help put an end to malaria?” Bouzard said with a smile. “And who would not want to have a mission of a campaign that’s so tied to our mission in the sense that it’s both educational, it’s active, and it helps people use their gifts.”

And if you can’t donate a dollar for the cause, Nulph says you can donate your time,

“Donations of time and talent are very much appreciated. We have many ways to get involved. And so to help fundraise kind of counts as your donation as well,” Nulph said.

If you want to get involved with the initiative, you can go to or visit their Facebook page.

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