Wartburg Students and Off Campus Housing

Off campus housing is a great way to learn skills you can take with you for the rest of your life. Wartburg senior Lee Scott feels living off campus is the last thing he needed before graduating in May.

“There are certain things I’ve learned while living off campus that I would have never been able to learn while living in the dorms. It’s required me to step up and be even more responsible than I have been,” said Scott.

Scott says some of the things he has learned include paying bills, cooking on his own and basic upkeep of a house.

He says the best part about learning all of these skills is the fact that he doesn’t have to do it alone. He says the group of guys that he lives with has made the transition to off campus living easier and more enjoyable.

While living off campus has been beneficial to Scott’s college experience, he says there are some downsides to being further away from the student body.

“The part that’s not so great is you’re more disconnected from students than you ever have been before. Especially in the winter, no one wants to go outside,” Scott said.

And that is one reason that another Wartburg senior Jerry Frawley chose to live on campus for his senior year.

“Everyone is so close to each other on campus. I think it’s nice that I’m just a thirty second walk to many of my on campus friends.”

Frawley also commented on the fact that Wartburg has almost anything he needs. He is a thirty second walk to the nearest printer, he can go right down the hall to the nearest fitness area and is just two minutes from enjoying a chocolate shake at the Den.

Frawley did say that he feels like he is missing out because he lives on campus. He has friends who live off campus, and said that it would be fun to have a different experience from the dorm style living.

Overall, Frawley is happy with his decision to stay on campus.

Frawley says “It’s allowed me to build friendships with people that I wouldn’t be able to if I was farther away from people on campus. I think it would have been fun either way, living on or off campus.”

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