Wartburg students witness shooting accident

Several Wartburg choir students witnessed a little boy get shot by a stray bullet form a gun shooting club at The Apples on The Avenue orchard on Sunday Oct. 8. The present condition is uncertain and he was transported to the nearest hospital.

Annika Krieg was one of the students to witness this event. “This experience has made me view life in a completely different perspective and I am now feeling more grateful for every single person God has blessed me with,” Krieg said in a Facebook post later that day.

She also asked family and friends to pray for the little boy’s healing, strength, and positive mentality.

The boys condition has been stabilized. According to the orchard’s owner, Darin Enderton, the orchard has been there for forty years and has never seen a stray bullet come through their grounds.

The Shooting range is a mile away from the apple orchard and has been closed until further notice to investigate.

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