Wartburg’s Ultimate Frisbee team is not an ordinary club

Mike Brown is one member of the Ultimate team. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Frisbees fly across Clinton Field as students run from one end zone to another trying to score.

This group of students is Wartburg’s Ultimate Frisbee team. They practice and compete across the Midwest like any other athletic team at Wartburg.

Ultimate Frisbee consists of two teams trying to get the frisbee into their opponent’s endzone.

“Often times we are playing against schools much bigger than Wartburg; we played against Wisconsin LaCrosse, we played against Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa,” Kyle Palmolea, one of the three captains, said.

The other two captains are Aaron Schendel and Kjerstin Lewis.

The season begins in the fall and goes through the entire school year. Palmolea said the team begins each season recruiting at the involvement fair.

“We are a little different though, we set up a table outside “The W” and have people throwing around,” Palmolea said. “We think it’s a little more effective, people see us out there and get a feel for what the sport is actually like.”

This year’s team has about 24 co-ed members, he said, and no experience is necessary.

The team’s faculty adviser is Neil Martinsen-Burrell.  He said he has been the adviser for three years.

“I love ultimate. I played when I was in grad school and after sort of wherever I live I try and find a way to play,” Martinsen-Burrell said.

Last January Wartburg hosted their first Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in “the W.” The tournament was called “One Knight Stand” and four other schools came to compete. Palmolea said he is hoping it will turn into an annual event and they would like to add another tournament in November.

Palmolea said the team would have the chance to make more money by hosting a second tournament and getting more teams to register.

“That way we can start paying for our own things like jerseys and make travel a little easier,” Palmolea said.

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