Waverly holds annual fall horse sale

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Hundreds of people and hundreds of horses made their way to Waverly last week for the annual fall horse sale. Everyone came to see the horses, buy the horses, or just to enjoy the excitement of an auction. The event was held from Tuesday through Friday on the Northwest side of Waverly.

The event is held twice per year in Waverly. It is held at the start of the spring and at the start of the fall. Some farmers and horse salesmen, like Paul Sparrow and Tracy Hanson, have been to almost every single one.

“I’ve been coming to the Waverly horse sale for… gosh… I hate to tell because it’ll tell you how old I am, but 45 years,” said Sparrow.

“I’ve come here since I was a small boy. I used to come with my mom and dad. We always come to the auction and I’ve been doing this on my own for 30 some years,” said Hanson.

Some of the horses were being sold for work on the farm, casual riding around and even some were sold for giving carriage rides. No matter what, Sparrow says there is one main reason that people come out to the sale.

“It’s the love of the horse. I love the draft horse. You’ve got to go out 365 days a year to the barn and feed them and clean the barn. This is just another part of the process of owning a horse,” said Sparrow.

The horse sale will be back in Waverly in late March of 2013.


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