Waverly Skate Park to see renovations

Derek Wilhelm and his friends will soon enjoy a new set of rails and ramps for them to skate.

The city of Waverly has approved a budget to renovate the Skate Park on 403 5th Ave. SW, according to Waverly Leisure Service Office Coordinator Garret Riordan.

Wilhelm says he is pretty excited for the renovation.

“I’ve been waiting for quite a long time,” he said.

Another skater and regular user of the Skate Park says that he has experienced how it feels to fall on the ramps.

“It was pretty bad. I’ve hit a rock or popped out screws and it scraped out my elbow,” Compson said.

The structure of the park has deteriorated since it was first build in 1992, says Garret Riordan.

“It’s a semen lab with a few pieces of older wood on it,” Riordan says.

Community organizer, Jeremy Everret, said the new park will be safer for the children and will bring out more fun for them.

Everret also said that the park is the second-most used park in the city. Though in the past, he said the park was linked with drinking and drug use.

“In reality, this park has been a sanctuary for many of the kids,” he said.

With the new park coming, Wilhelm is just getting more excited. He says that he will come every day.

He hoped skateboarding taught them lesson just like any other sport.

“It’s kind of like basketball. If you shoot a basket, you feel proud after what you did,” Wilhelm said.

His brother, Sev, seems to agree.

“You can’t give up. If you crash, you got to keep trying and trying,” Sev said.

The construction of the park will begin in November and it will be done in the spring.

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