What Student Senate does for you

Megan NuehringWartburg College Student Senate is an organization dedicated to making a difference on campus.

Each year the organization communicates between faculty and students concerning the needs of the student body.

Student senators include students from a variety of backgrounds and majors comprising a diverse group of individuals for the discussion of key issues on campus. As a student senator of Wartburg College, I am excited to share with you what Student Senate does for the student body.

Senate is involved in residence halls, technology, sustainability, student organizations and political initiatives on campus.

Residence Hall Councils and the Residence Hall staff work together to provide an improvement project for each residence hall each semester. Various projects are implemented across campus including white boards in study lounges, TVs and DVDs and cleaning supplies.

Individuals on Hall Council and separate committees gather student concerns and bring them to Senate where the concerns are forwarded to the proper faculty members.

Technology is a large part of the student life here at Wartburg College. The main form of communication on campus is email and email cannot be used without the Internet and technology. Student Senate has been the mediator of technology concerns and praises from the student body.

Senate has also played a large role in the wireless initiative to bring Internet access to campus, and each year senators continue to voice student concerns for technology.

Sustainability at Wartburg College is very important, and Student Senate has partnered with the Sustainability office to start recycling initiatives, offer coupons for reusable water bottles in the bookstore and assist with Campus Sustainability Day in October.

With approximately 100 organizations, almost every Wartburg student is involved in a student organization whether it be a sport, an academic, art or a club just for fun. Student Senate approves every organization on campus and works with Student Life to ensure organizations  continue to benefit the student body.

Politically, Student Senate is involved in letter writing campaigns and informing all students of voting procedures during an election year. Last year, the academic policies committee initiated a letter writing campaign to inform politicians about the importance of financial aid for students in college.

Watch for information from your senator about ways to get involved with Senate’s initiatives and be sure to follow Wartburg College Senate on Facebook and Twitter.

“Senate wants to reflect the voice of every student [on campus] and is comprised of a variety of students. It is important to communicate with us if you have a concern.

“We want to represent you,” Student Body President, Hollis Hanson-Pollock said.

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