What’s on your mind | May Term or ‘Play Term’

May Term — most students view it as Play Term, but Wartburg Security may not view May Term as fondly, especially when students host May Term challenges. One could say Play Term brings Wartburg Security job security.

When I think of May Term challenges, I think of what type of challenges I would join in. The ideal challenge would be traveling all 30 days in May to the different MLB stadiums. I could handle the challenge of watching baseball every day, and if necessary, I wouldn’t have a hard time skipping over Canada.

However, some of the challenges I’ve heard of are far more daring. Eating road kill and partying in campus buildings are rumored to grace the challenge lists floating around this year. The issue with these challenges arises when students don’t take responsibility for their actions and others, or property ends up damaged in the process.

It is one thing to do a challenge that only involves you and your friends, like Johnny Knoxville and his crew, but when someone else is involved unknowingly, that might be crossing the line. May Term challenges are not only daring, but creative. It takes a pretty specific brand of ingenuity to come up with a list of things that crazy to fill your free time during May Term, and I have to give props to the minds of those coming up with these lists.

I would be terrible at doing a May Term challenge like the ones rumored —I talk a lot and many of the challenges are pretty “top secret.” I don’t picture a group of Wartburgers drinking cups of coffee at Duo’s coming up with their next challenge. The extent of my creativity would be to challenge my friends to a tan off and see who could get the most sun during May or taking a road trip to the Mall of America and seeing who spent the least amount of money.

I could never eat road kill. I would rather do something like challenge my friends to eating a different flavor cupcake from Scratch every day after class. May Term challenges can be a fun tradition and certainly display the creativity and ingenuity of Wartburg’s students, but there is a careful line to tread when others are involved and school property may be damaged.

While pushing the limits seems to be the name of the game with these challenges students should remember their original intent. Keep in mind that spirit of fun when participating rather than just testing the boundaries of yourself, others and the college.



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